Knowledge Vista provides Online Tests for NEET that measure and improve student achievement and predict performances. It truly contains the assessment tools you need to quickly and accurately measure knowledge, identify weaknesses, remediate with engaging learning content and predict student performance.Providing multiple opportunities to face NEET before the Grand Finale, these tests would certainly enhance examination taking skills and inculcate competitive spirit in all participants. The test paper level will be certainly at par with the actual exam. following the latest trend of the examination giving adequate insight about the latest examination pattern along with enhancing scoring ability.

Test Plan and Schedule

All India Online Test Series Schedule is as below. Once students take a test and they submit test they will be able to know their test report as well as a detailed solution. Full Syllabus Tests will be uploaded at 9 a.m. as per Schedule.


Note: Full Tests syllabi will be complete syllabi of NEET Main as well as NEET Advanced.

* It is suggested that you take all the tests at home during the NEET timings, thereby making sure your biological clocks are tuned for peak performance on the NEET day. If you get habituated to taking the test at night, your body and mind get tuned for the best performance at night but that may not be of much avail on the NEET day.

To simulate exam-like conditions, following guidelines are suggested:

1. Choose a chair, table and a place to sit undisturbed for test duration.
2. Use only Black Pen.
3. Approach examination table 15 minutes before start time of Test.
4. Strictly stick to the starting and ending times of your Test, decided beforehand. You will be given no extra time whatsoever in NEET.

Concept Recapitulation Test Papers are Practice Test Papers through which particular concepts are to be revised. These papers are very helpful to revise the topic of Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics without actually revising the entire theory. In these papers, representative problems are there from various concepts of NEET syllabus, through which students can recapitulate entire topics before NEET within a short span of time.

Solved Papers

Previous Years Paper with Detailed Solutions and answers from 2001 till previous year for NEET are Part of the Programs.


Chapterwise questions with their answers asked in NEET since 1970 has been compiled as part of a program for students reference and practice.

Know Your All India Rank

This feature allows you to know you’ve expected All India Rank once you mention obtained or expected marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

Online Results Reports and Feedback

Online Student and Parent Reports with Smart Reports progress, performance, and homework tracking
Adaptive Online Instruction with Smart Track customized study plan.

Course Fee

Course Fee for this entire program is Rs. 3000/- only. Service Tax is applicable.

How To Pay:

Payment can be made through Cheque/ Draft. Cheque/ Draft should be in the name of Ramagya Toppers eLearning Private Limited, payable at Noida. It can also be transferred online or through Net Banking to our Current Account Number:  008581300001088 Account Name:  Ramagya Toppers ELearning Private Limited.
Bank Name:  Yes Bank RTGS/NEFT/IFSC Code:  YESB0000085

Or use the Pay Now link below to make payment through the payment gateway.

How to Register

Online Registration

Once you have made the payment go to and click Register Now.You will find two links, one for students who register from India and another for students who register from UAE. Please select link as per your country from where you are registering. Fill up the form giving all your personal/user details. Select username and password of your choice.

Instructions to fill Registration Form :

User Details: Fill User Details and Personal Informations Choose username and password of your choice.

Category: Select JEE from the category list.

Programs: Once you select a category, different programs will appear. Select a program you want to join.

Payment Details: Once you select Program, The Program fee will appear below the chosen Program. It may take few seconds. Under Payment details select Mode of payment i.e. Cash, Debit/Credit card/Net Banking, Access Card. If You are using Net Banking/debit card/ Credit Card/ e-wallet payment or our payment gateway option to make payment ( i.e payment by clicking Pay Now ) then on our Online Registration Form please click cash/ Net banking/Debit card/ Credit Card option and mention the amount that you have paid in the amount box. Amount mentioned should be in Indian National Rupee. (INR) After completing this click submit. On successful completion, you will get a Reference No. All these details will come to us for approval. After we approve your username and password will get activated.


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